All About Ormond Spray Park in Destrehan, Louisiana

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Lookin’ for some fun in the sun in St. Charles Parish?  Look no further than  Ormond Spray Park in Destrehan, Louisiana.  Just about a thirty minute drive from New Orleans the spray park is perfect for small children and it's also FREE!  I'm not sure about you but I love places where the kids can have a blast and it doesn't cost me any money. Want to visit Ormond Spray Park? We have all the info you need to know before you visit. 

Ormond Spray Park in Destrehan LA

Ormond Spray Park Location

Nestled behind the Destrehan fire dept on Ormond Blvd at 1901 Ormond Blvd, Destrehan, LA 70047

Ormond Spray Park Features 

Plenty of Parking

There is plenty of parking a the park and the parking lot is only short walk to the park’s entrance, so don’t fret about a long trek.

Park is Fully Gated

Don't worry about your littles running away. Not only is the spray park fully gated it also manned by a parish employee who does a great job of making sure your kid doesn’t escape without you.

Ormond Spray Park in Destrehan LA

Benches and Shade

Inside the gate you’ll find plenty of seating for you AND your swim bag. They also have big tarps for cover so you can enjoy watching your littles from the comforts of shade.

Tons Of Spray Doodads

There is plenty to do for your kids once they enter the park gates. There’s a rainbow mister, a dome sprayer, tons of smaller sprayers,  what I like to call the car wash sprayer, and a bucket that dumps water on unsuspecting victims (watch out)!

Ormond Spray Park is FREE

Yes, you read the correctly. It is totally free! The kids will be playing in the water, entertaining themselves for hours as you watch on…ALL FOR FREE. How can you resist now?

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