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It’s Carnival Time! Outside of Christmas, this is my favorite time of year! I love Mardi Gras and all things purple, green, and gold.

And while king cake is the star of the show food-wise. I mean obviously/ But sometimes you want something different (ok, maybe not). But you may, so I found some Mardi Gras treats you can make to mix up your Carnival parties a bit!

Mardi Gras Treats to make at home

Mardi Gras Cupcakes

First, these cupcakes from Mooshu Jenne have rum in them – YUM! Second I love how she did the purple, green, and gold frosting!

Mardi Gras Pretzel Treats

Premeditated Leftovers has two Mardi Gras pretzel treats that look yummy!

My oldest loves chocolate-covered pretzel rods, so these would be at the top of his party list.

And I’m completely here for these Rolo pretzel turtles.

Mardi Gras Donuts

I love a good donut, and these Mardi Gras donuts from Premeditated Leftovers are made with cake mix look yummy! Perfect for a morning treat or to take to the parades with you.

Mardi Gras Drinks

Nothing goes together like Mardi Gras and alcohol, right?

If you like martinis, then this Mardi Gras Martini recipe from My Crazy Good Life is for you.

If you are like me and like something a little sweet, check out this Carnival Queen Mardi Gras Cocktail from Style on Main.

If you are looking for something more traditional New Orleans, then be sure to check out our 20+ New Orleans Cocktail Recipes.

Mardi Gras Rice Krispie Treats

My kids love rice krispie treats! Love love love them. They would be all over these King Cake Rice Krispie treats from Premeditated Leftovers for sure.

Easy King Cake Recipes

King cake is undoubtedly the star of the show, and everyone in New Orleans has a favorite king cake. But sometimes you want one and don’t feel like going to the store, of you can’t get one where you live, so you have to make your own. Here are a few you can make!

We have a quick and easy king cake recipe that even preschoolers can make. And a cream cheese filled king cake recipe that will only take 30 minutes or so!

Premeditated Leftovers has a quick and easy king cake recipe  and Lady and the Blog has one using cinnamon rolls. All these recipes are easy and quick, which is what we need. Right moms?

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