Gluten Free Heaven Can Be Found at Guncles In Mobile, Alabama

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If you are gluten-free, you know how hard it is to find delicious baked goods. There are many things out there, but sometimes they miss the mark or aren’t made in a dedicated gluten-free facility that runs the high risk of cross-contamination.

On a on a quick trip to Mobile, Alabama a few years ago, I found gluten free heaven.

Seriously y’all, this place is amazing. Where and what is this place you may ask?

Guncles in Mobile

The place is Guncles, a dedicated gluten-free bakery in Mobile, Alabama. Located at 1252 Government St, they were started because one of the owners is allergic to wheat and realized there aren’t many gluten-free baked goods beyond macaroons and those that were available let much to be desired. Oh, how we all know this so well.

Menu at Guncles Gluten Free Bakery In Mobile Alabama

Looking at the pictures on the Guncles website, I knew going in this wasn’t going to be a cheap trip. It wasn’t, but OMG, the food was everything I have dreamed out.

We got a Chocovan Bundt Cake, Buttermilk Biscuits, Blueberry Lemon Friands, Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookies, and Banana Bread.

Guncles Gluten Free Bakery In Mobile Alabama
Berry and Lemon Gluten Free Cakes at Guncles Gluten Free Bakery in Mobile Alabama

The cinnamon rolls are my favorite thing EVER! They are super soft and not doughy or dense like gluten-free cinnamon rolls I have had in the past.

We also always get the oatmeal cream pies. Think Little Debbies but 1000 times better!

Another favorite are the buttermilk biscuits. If you’re used to gluten-free biscuits, which are never really that good. Hands down the best biscuits I have had in years. They were great fresh and plain. However, I can see them smothered in sausage gravy or topped with eggs and cheese and meat for a breakfast sandwich or with fried chicken a la Popeyes.

Buscuits and Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookies at Guncles Gluten Free Bakery in Mobile Alabama

The baguettes are amazing also! If you are missing French bread, then you need to get these. Perfect for poboys or garlic bread or just eating with butter.

Guncles is MUST go-to place every time we are in Mobile/. If you visit, bring your checkbook because you won’t get out of there just buying one thing. I tried and failed.

Guncles Gluten Free Bakery in mobile Alabama

If you’re looking for Guncles in Pensacola, you can get some of their goodies at Peg Leg Petes and Ever'man Cooperative Grocery and Cafe. There are also various places throughout Baldwin County, Alabama, where you can get goodies from Guncles.

You can now get your favorite goodies from Guncles right here in New Orleans! Find Guncles at Nesbit's Poeyfarre Street Market, Nesbit's Magazine Street Market, and Nesbit's Julia Street Market in New Orleans and at Zuppardo's Market in Metairie.

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