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In response to the Pandemic, this new Mardi Gras tradition emerged to help us celebrate Carnival in 2021. I got the chance to chat with Megan Boudreaux, the founder of Krewe of House Floats, in February of 2021 about how she came up with the idea and things you need to know to experience the Krewe of House Floats in New Orleans.

Krewe of House Floats Mardi Gras New Orleans on Napoleon Ave
Spirit on Mardi Gras House Float – Mardi Gras 2021 New Orleans

Tell us a little about yourself. Are you a New Orleans Native? 

I'm an insurance claims manager & retired roller derby player who moved to New Orleans in 2004, fresh out of college.

Krewe of House Floats Mardi Gras New Orleans on St. Charles Ave
Bee-utiful House Float on St. Charles Ave in New Orleans

What is the inspiration behind the Krewe of House Floats? 

When the mayor announced that parades would be canceled, I joked that I would just decorate my house and throw things at my neighbors, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like it was actually a good idea.

Krewe of House Floats Mardi Gras New Orleans on St. Charles Ave
New Orleans's famous Skeleton House on St. Charles Ave. decorated for the Krewe of House Floats during Mardi Gras 2021

What do you hope the Krewe of House Floats will do for New Orleans? 

 I really hope that Krewe of House Floats can be a way for folks to find a little Mardi Gras joy while we continue to struggle through this pandemic.

Whether you DIY your decorations or decide to hire an artist, Krewe of House Floats welcomes all revelers looking for a safe way to celebrate carnival and support their neighbors.

It has really been heartwarming to see the city (and beyond!) come together to raise money, start food drives, support local businesses, support culture bearers & artists, and help each other through these difficult times.

Krewe of House Floats Mardi Gras New Orleans on St. Charles Ave
Mardi Gras Jesters on the Skeleton House on St. Charles Ave in New Orleans

What does the general public need to know about the Krewe of House Floats? Important dates, how they can get involved, etc.  

Folks can still sign up to be official members at

Maps of the participating house floats will be released on the site during the season, so they can be viewed for the two weeks ahead of Mardi Gras.

You may even see some contactless throws & goodies out there on the route.

The official throw for 2021 was the face mask (cover your mouth and nose!), but folks are also preparing handmade items and medallions if you are lucky.

Krewe of House Floats Mardi Gras New Orleans on Napoleon Ave
House Float showcasing their Mardi Gras spirit on Napoleon Ave in New Orleans

Do you think/hope this could be a new Mardi Gras Tradition even after parades roll again in 2022? 

Will Krewe of House Floats continue into 2022? We are hopeful, but at this point, we have our hands full with Mardi Gras 2021!

Megan got her to wish, Krewe of House Floats was a hit again in 2022 and I'm already seeing house floats popping up for 2023! I can't wait to see all the house floats as I drive around town. What is your theme this year? Thank you Megan for the interview!

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