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A trip to Walt Disney World is half sprint and half marathon and completely exhausting. If you’re like me the go go go and crowds start to get to you after a bit and you just need a quiet place to rest and catch your breath. Here are 6+ places that I have found around Walt Disney World Parks that allow you to do just that.

Quiet place to rest at Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

Behind the Ye Ole Christmas Shop in Liberty Square is a nice little shaded area with benches. This is our first stop, it’s just the perfect place to stop, rest and get your energy back.

If you head over to Crystal Arts on Main Street set back on the street is a nice quiet area with some benches and tables. Perfect for sitting and people watching and having a quick snack from the Main Street Bakery.

Another place to stop and rest is over on Tom Swayer’s Island.  On the porches facing Liberty Square are some rocking chairs. This is a great place for mom and dad to sit for a minute while the kids explore the island.

Magic Kingdom also has a few rides and attractions that make good resting spots – The People Mover in Tomorrowland, The Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square, The Liberty Square Riverboat and The Magic Kingdom Train.

Quiet places to rest at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World


The best places to stop and take a break in Epcot will be found in the World Showcase. My favorite spot is at the Japan Pavilion. Behind Katsura Grill (Japan’s Quick Service Restaurant) is a little garden area with a waterfall and tables. It’s quiet and peaceful back in that area. Grab some sushi or a Kaki-Gori (shaved ice) and just rest your feet for a bit.

Another quiet spot in the World Showcase to rest is the garden behind the Toy Shop in the UK Pavilion. This one is a little tricky as they do have live entertainment playing through out the day. But if you can get here when nothing is happening it’s the perfect spot to nibble on some British chocolates and rest for a bit.

Spaceship Earth is the best ride in Epcot to take a break. Along with it the boat ride in Mexico and any of the theater style indoor shows throughout the World Showcase will do.

Quiet places to rest at Epcot at Walt Disney World

Animal Kingdom

My favorite spot to take a break in Animal Kingdom was shown to me by a friend during my last trip. I literally had no clue this spot existed until she showed me. Between Pandora and Africa (over by the Lion King Show) is a little walkway that connects the two. Because it’s not a main walkway it’s quiet and tranquil. There isn’t any seating back here so you’ll have to stand or sit on the ground but the quiet is worth it.

Another spot I love in Animal Kingdom to sit and take a break is by the Flame Tree BBQ. Everyone raves about the food here, I found it to be ok. The atmosphere totally makes up for it. You’ll want to get a table down by the water and away from the crowd. Grab a snack, the pulled pork nachos look amazing, and just chill for a bit.

Na’vi River Journey is the perfect ride in Animal Kingdom to take a break. It’s short but relaxing and beautiful. Two other places to take a break are The Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo – The Musical shows.

Quiet places to rest in Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Sadly I haven’t found a good quiet spot here yet to rest. As far as attractions, for me For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing Along is the best place to take a break. Other attractions where  you can sit and rest are Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage, and Muppets Vision 3D.

Baby Care Centers

Baby Care Centers are located in all 4 parks and are the perfect place for parents of infants to take a break. The centers are open during normal park hours and include a private nursing room with rocking chairs, a unisex bathroom, changing tables, feeding area with highchairs, kitchen area with a microwave, oven and sink and a room with a TV, table, chairs and sofa. In addition there is also a shop that sells formula, baby food, diapers, wipes, OTC medications, sunscreen, juice and clothes in case you need these items. At Magic Kingdom the Baby Care Center is located between Casey’s Corner and Crystal Palace. At Epcot it is located in the building that is set back right before you get to the World Showcase by Mexico. In Disney’s Hollywood Studios it is located to your left as you enter the park. And at Animal Kingdom the Baby Care Center is behind Creature Comforts.

Do you have a favorite place in the parks to rest and take a break?

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