Tropical Falls at OWA: A Day of Thrills and Fun!

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Did you know that there is a great little amusement park on the Alabama Gulf Coast, just an hour from Pensacola and a few hours from New Orleans?

There is and makes a great day trip with the kids. Tropical Falls at OWA has 23 attractions that are fun for the entire family, from thrill rides to rides perfect for preschoolers and more. There is even an indoor waterpark with 75-foot-tall slides and a wave pool.

OWA invited us to visit a few years ago, and we had a blast. We can't wait to go back and play!

Before visiting, here are a few things you need to know.

Tropical Falls at OWA in Foley Alabama

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OWA Has Thrill Rides

Does your family love thrills? Speeding through the air, flipping upside down, adrenaline-rushing thrills? If so, you'll love OWA's seven thrill rides.

Thrill Rides at Tropical Falls OWA Foley Alabama

Rollin' Thunder Coaster

If you like big drops and loops, the Rollin' Thunder Coaster is for you! The minimum height for this coaster is 51″, and let me tell you, it looks pretty scary from the ground. Even my daredevils wouldn't ride this one.

Rolling Thunder Coaster at OWA Foley, Alabama

Crazy Mouse

If you want the thrill of a coaster but a little closer to the ground, try the Crazy Mouse or the Wave Rider. Both are fun and give the same coaster thrills without the big drops and loops.

Crazy Mouse is a roller coaster with individual cars that look like mice that spin on the track as it goes up and down. It reminded me of Primeval Whirl at Walt Disney World‘s Animal Kingdom.

Crazy Mouse has a minimum of 42″ when accompanied by a responsible person and 48″ to ride alone.

Crazy Mouse coaster at OWA in Foley Alabama

Wave Rider

Wive Rider sits on a coaster track that looks like a big wave. The ride spins as it goes back and forth over the wave.

Wave Rider has a minimum height restriction of 48″, and

The Wave Rider at OWA in Foley, Alabama

Air Racers, Alabama Wham'a, and Twister

If you love being flipped upside down, you'll love the Air Racers; the Alabama Wham'a and Twister are for you.

Thrill Rides - Twister, Air Racers, Alabama Wham'a and Crazy Mouse at OWA Foley Alabama

Air Racers are like mini planes that flip upside down over and over while spinning.

Air Racers Thrill Ride OWA Foley Alabama

Alabama Wham'a is like a Ferris wheel, but instead of buckets, it's single seats and loops around like a loop on a roller coaster.

Twister is similar to both of these rides, but it's one big circle seat like the Wave Rider. You must be 48″ to ride all three of these attractions.

Twister Thrill Ride OWA Foley Alabama

Freedom Flyer

If swings are your thing and you aren't afraid of heights, the Freedom Flyer is perfect for you. The minimum height is 42″. Riders 42-48″ can ride accompanied, and riders 48″ and taller can ride alone.

Freedom Flyers Swings OWA, Foley Alabama

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OWA has Family Rides

Are you looking for something a little slower-paced but still tons of fun? Then, OWA has rides for you that are perfect for the WHOLE family.

Flying Tigers

Flying Tigers are little airplanes perfect for little aviators. They will love flying through the air. The minimum height for this ride is 32″. Riders 32-36″ must ride with a responsible party. Riders over 36″ can ride alone.

Flying Tigers OWA Foley Alabama

Mystic Mansion

If you love spooky things, then Mystic Mansion is for you. My kids described it as Haunted Mansion meets Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin at Disney World. Riders must be 36″ to ride accompanied and 42″ to ride alone.

Mystic Mansion Haunted House OWA Foley Alabama

Rockin Raft

Rockin Raft is perfect for those who want to ride the Wave Rider but are still too small. Riders under 42″ can ride accompanied, and riders over 42″ can ride alone.

Rocking Raft OWA Foley Alabama

Sky Balloons

Up, up, and away… Sky Balloons are a teacup ride that goes up in the sky. My kids LOVED this ride. Or maybe they just loved trying to make each other sick? Children under 42″ can ride accompanied, and those over 42″ can ride alone.

Sky Balloons OWA Foley Alabama

Southern Express Roller Coaster

If your child wants to ride a roller coaster but is too small for the big ones, Southern Express is perfect for them. My big kids even loved riding it over and over again. The minimum height for this ride is 42″.

Southern Express Roller Coaster Foley Alabama

Tea Time

Tea Time is the park's teacup ride or, as we call it, “who can spin the cup the faster to make the others sick” ride. Children under 42″ can ride accompanied, and those over 42″ can ride alone.

Tea Time teacups at OWA Foley Alabama

If you are looking for rides that go up high and spin, you should check out the Flying Carousel and the AreoZoom. Both are swing rides, except with the AreoZoom, you are in charge of how high or low you go.

The minimum height for the Flying Carousel is 36″; riders between 36-48″ can ride accompanied, and riders 48″ and taller can ride alone.

Flying Carousel OWA Foley Alabama

The minimum height for AreoZoom is 42″. Riders 42-48″ can ride accompanied, and riders over 48″ can ride alone.

AeroZoom Hang Gliders OWA Foley Alabama

Flutter By

Take control of your own butterfly with the Flutter By ride. Peddle power makes your butterfly SOAR! The minimum height is 36″; riders between 36-48″ can ride accompanied, and riders 48″ and taller can ride alone.

Flutter By Peddled Powered Butterflies OWA Foley Alabama

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OWA Has Rides for Preschoolers

Are you wondering if there is enough for preschoolers to do? The answer is YES! OWA has rides just for the littlest amusement park fans! The rides are the normal preschool-friendly rides you will find in most parks.

The minimum height to ride alone on all of the Kid Rides is 36″. Children smaller than 36″ can ride accompanied on all the rides except for Swinging Fun and Zip Zap Race, for which riders must be between 36-72″.


Pretend to drive a convoy of trucks on Happy Haulers, fly your own plane on Flying Aces, jump like a frog on Leap Frog, and take a kid-friendly free fall on Gully Washer.

Swinging Fun at OWA Foley Alabama

You're a race car driver on Zip Zap Race. And you can swing on a giant swing on Swinging Fun (the tweens with me loved this ride).

Zip Zap Racers OWA Foley Alabama

More OWA Fun

In addition to rides, OWA has more fun!

At Midway Games, you can play carnival games until your heart's content. Most games seem to be between $3-5 per game. There is also a HUGE shaded seating area that is a perfect place to take a rest here.

Midway Games at OWA Foley Alabama

The Park at OWA also has a 10,000 sq ft splash pad that will be an AMAZING place in the summer to cool off. Wacky Waters is full of fun water features for kids of all ages. Unfortunately, it's only open until dusk in the spring and summer months.

Splash Pat at OWA Foley Alabama

Tropical Falls Water Park

OWA now has an indoor water park with 75-foot-tall slides that is open year-round. The water park also has a new wave pool, Big Water Bay, that is open during the summer months and has a surf simulator called Costal Curl.

Downtown OWA

Take a break from Tropical Falls in Downtown OWA. Think Disney Springs, but smaller. Full of shops, restaurants, places to get a quick snack, an arcade, an e-sports center, and a theater. Downtown OWA has something for everyone.

Downtown OWA Foley Alabama

Downtown OWA also has lodging for those who want to stay on property at Marriott Townplace Sweets and Tropic Hideaway RV Resort. A new tropical-themed resort called Tropic Falls Hotel is coming soon.

Where to Eat at OWA

Not only do you have your pick of restaurants in Downtown OWA, but inside the park, there are two snack shacks where you can grab a bite to eat. Both are located in the center of the park on either side of the Rollin' Thunder Coaster.

One of the best deals at the park is the refillable mug! For $14.99, you can get free refills all day long. You can even bring it back with you on future visits and purchase unlimited refills for $6.99.

Speaking of water, like most amusement parks, water is free. Just go to the window and ask for a cup of ice water.

How Much Does Topical Falls at OWA Cost?

Theme park-only admission is $29.99. Tropic Falls admission, including the water park, is $74.99 on weekdays and $79.99 on weekends. A two-day admission is $99.99.

There are family four-pack specials, discounts for after 4 p.m., seniors and the military, and children under 3 are FREE.

Season passes start at $299.99 per person.

Parking at OWA and visiting Downtown OWA is free.

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Where is OWA Located?

OWA is located in Foley, Alabama, about an hour from Pensacola, two hours from New Orleans, and just minutes from the Alabama Coast Beaches. The address is 100 North OWA Blvd., Foley, AL 36535, right off the Foley Beach Express.

So, are you ready for a day full of thrills and fun at OWA? What would you ride?

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