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People often ask what to pack for a trip to the most magical place on Earth. There are many things to consider when packing, such as the weather, time of year, and the age of your children. Is this a Disney Adults-only trip? Here is my Walt Disney World Trip Packing List.

Tween girl cooling off and relaxing in her Walt Disney World Hotel Room
Taking a mid-day break in your Walt Disney World Resort room is a great way to relax and cool off during the day.

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Your Disney Bag 

The kind of bag you choose is a personal choice. You'll want something comfortable to carry all day long but have extra space to carry personal items and important essentials for your Disney day! 

My favorites are my new Lug Bag and the Kavu Sling Backpack. People also love Loungefly bags. However, they don't hold much. A lot of people like to wear a fanny pack or cross-over bag. The new water bottle bags are becoming popular as well. 

Some things to keep in your park bag: 

Jumping Fountains at Epcot Walt Disney World
The fountain at EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World Resort

Shoes for your Walt Disney World Vacation 

One of the most essential items on your Disney packing list is a pair of comfortable shoes. The wrong shoes will RUIN your trip. 

My favorites are my Nike Running Shoes and my Croc flip-flops. Disney-themed Crocs are huge favorites, especially with kids, as they are comfortable and easy to slip on and off to play in the water features throughout the parks. 

No matter what you choose make sure they can handle walking 7-10 miles per day. There was one day at Magic Kingdom we did well over 25,000 steps. This makes shoes the most important thing on your packing list. 

Casey Jr. Spash Pad at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World
Everyone loves cooling off at the Casey Junior Splash Pad in Storybook Circus at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Clothes to Wear on Your Trip to Walt Disney World

One thing I have learned after many trips to the House of Mouse is to wear comfortable clothes. My go-to outfits are a T-shirt and capri leggings. My teenager likes T-shirts, athletic skirts, and shorts. Cute but comfy is our Disney style! 

A lot of people buy or make their own matching Disney shirts. For our upcoming trip, I created our own shirts with designs I found on Etsy and Taylor Swift lyrics using Procreate on my iPad, my Epson Ecotank inkjet printer, and heat transfer paper. On past trips, I have used my Cricut to create designs for our shirts. You can also purchase shirts on Etsy if you want custom shirts at ShopDisney, Walmart, Amazon, and other retailers before your trip. 

Another thing people love to do is Disney Bound. Disney Bounding is when you dress like a Disney character using your everyday clothes without breaking the rules that prohibit costumes for those over the age of 14. 

Of course, little ones LOVE dressing in costume and Princess dresses are the most popular. I suggest buying the princess-inspired playdresses so that your little princess is comfortable during a long park day. I would also purchase princess costumes before your trip on Amazon or Walmart to save money. 

You'll want to pack your bathing suits. The pools at Disney Resorts are heated, and you can swim year round.

Don't forget cute accessories like your Minnie Ears; I found these comfortable Minnie Ears since headbands give me headaches. You can also get custom designs on Etsy. I also found these cute Mickey claw clips on Amazon for my hair and I also found these Minnie / Mickey scrunchies that would be cute for everyone! 

Kids walking to Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Exploring Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World Resorts Disney Hollywood Studios.

Pack for the Weather at Walt Disney World

One thing I do before packing for any Disney trip and keep an eye on my Accuweather app and their 45-day forecast. This way, I can plan outfits for our Walt Disney World Vacation. However, Walt Disney World is in Central Florida, and Florida weather can be quite unpredictable. In the winter months, you can experience all four seasons in the same week, and in the summer, the Florida heat can be brutal. It can go from a sunny day with clear skies to rain in a matter of minutes, especially in the summer months.

Weather Packing List:

Happily Ever After Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World
Happily Ever After at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Pack Medications for your Disney Trip 

Accidents happen at Disney, and a lot of the time, you aren't close to the First Aid Stations. So I always pack a small first aid kit and this awesome pill container I got off Amazon in my park bag.  I also bring most of the medications we may need with me in our toiletry bag to keep in our hotel room. While you can buy them at most of the Disney resorts, they are expensive and not where I want to spend money on a family vacation. 

First Aid / Medication Packing List:

Swimming pool at Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter
The pool at Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter Resort

Walt Disney World Packing with Young Kids 

Infants and toddlers will need more items than the rest of the family. A great way to get these items is to ship them to your Disney resort a few days ahead of your Disney vacation. This is especially helpful if you are flying and not taking a road trip. 

Small children are also going to need a stroller. I have friends whose children were used to walking a lot and still needed a stroller while at Disney Parks.  Plus, it helps you carry ALL the THINGS! You can bring one from home, rent one from an outside vendor, and have it delivered to your Disney hotel, or you can rent one from the Disney Theme Parks each day. You'll also want something like a balloon, a handkerchief, or a ribbon to personalize your stroller to make it easy to find. 

Packing List for Small Children:

Epcot during sunset during the Flower and Garden Festival
Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Food

As much as I love eating around the world at EPCOT, eating at the Disney World Theme Parks can cost a ton of money. You can bring your own snacks and drinks into the theme parks as long as they aren't in glass containers. You can even bring in soft-sided coolers that are no larger than 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high. Loose ice isn't allowed and must be contained in a ziplock bag. 

Another tip to help you save money is to bring a reusable water bottle. We fill ours in our room before we leave for the parks and then refill it at the water fountains throughout the day. You can also get FREE water at all Quick Service Locations. 

The best way to get food for your Disney trip is to order before your trip and have it delivered to your Disney report. 

Food Packing List: 

Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich in France and Sushi in Japan at Epcot Walt Disney World
Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich in France and Sushi in Japan at Epcot Walt Disney World

Souvenirs and Light Up Toys at Walt Disney World

Hit Walmart, Amazon, Dollar Tree, Walgreens, Target, etc., before your trip to save on souvenirs and light-up toys. One thing we did when the kids were younger was have TinkerBelle leave Pixie Dust Gifts after the kids went to sleep. These were small things like bubbles, autograph books, autograph pins, drawing pads, and things to keep them entertained while waiting in long lines or for a dining reservation. 

Souvenir Ideas To Pack 

Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World
Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Less-Obvious Items You'll Need for Your Disney Trip

Here are a few things you may want to consider bringing on your Disney vacation that you might not have thought of: 

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Did I miss any Walt Disney World packing tips? Share them in the comments. 

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