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One of the coolest attractions in Southeast Louisiana outside of New Orleans. One that locals often take for granted, is a swamp tour.  About a month ago, we went on the Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour.  Here are five things I learned and want you to know before you go on your Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour. 

Lafitte Swamp Tour

Cost of a Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour

The cost of a Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour starts at $29 per adult and $12 per child ages 3-12. The cost increase when you add transportation and lunch. However, to save a little money check sites like Groupon. Jean Lafitte often has deals there and it’s a great way to get discounted tickets.

When And Where To Go

Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours run daily at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm. Weekdays are less crowded than weekends but they are very popular at any time and can fill up. It’s best to make reservations a few days before your trip.

Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours are located on the Westbank of New Orleans at 6601 Leo Kerner Lafitte Parkway, Marrero, Louisiana 70072. If you are visiting New Orleans you can book a tour with hotel pick that will take you to and from your hotel. If you are driving remember that the swamp tours are located deep in the Westbank and will take about 45-60 minutes from most places in the New Orleans area. Make sure that you map out your route and give yourself plenty of time to get there as the tours do start on time. You wouldn’t want to miss your tour because you were late would you.

Bring Cash With You When You Go

Being Southern Louisiana it’s HOT the majority of the year. Especially out in the sun on the swamp. So you’re going to want some cash to buy a drink or even a snack. People also bring cash to tip their tour guide as well as buy a souvenir from he gift shop to remember their trip.

Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour

Where to Eat

Most of the swamp tours run around lunch time so you’re probably going to be hungry and want more than just a snack. You can book a tour that includes lunch at  Restaurant Des Familles after the 10am tour. Those tours start at $54 per adult, $37 per child age 4-12 and $5 for children 3 and under. We decided to use this opportunity to try out a local restaurant that we wouldn’t usually go to and  a great meal at Voleo’s Seafood Restaurant.

What To Expect on Your Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour

The tour last about an hour and forty-five minutes and  brings you through the swamplands of the  Jean Lafitte National Park and Barataria Preserve.  We saw multiple gators, turtles, and even eagles.  Your tour guide will be guide is very helpful and tells you all about area and wildlife. 

The boats hold around 300 guest and are covered. There is seating for all passengers and restrooms. The aim to make the experience a comfortable one for the whole family.

Kids also get to hold a live alligator on the tour. This part was so much fun!  If your child needs warnings about things like this, you’ve been warned.  Our kids loved it.

We had four kids with us from eight to twelve and we all had a great time. Have you been on a Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour? Do you have any tips for those who haven’t been before? 

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